An artist born and raised on an island in the west coast of Norway, Rita Slotterøy is inspired by the Nordic landscape.  The wonders and phenomenon, rapid change of seasons, aurora borealis and Viking remains.  Her paintings tell these stories in new ways.

Living and working in and between Northern Europe and Southern California, she experiences the contrasts of the two cultures and enviornment.  "Living in California I feel connected to my Norwegian culture and what it means to be a Norwegian.  Being away from familiar surroundings and what I love actually makes me see things clearly, it's a perspective that causes one to appreatiate things more.  Circumstances most people struggle with in the north, like weather and darkness have become very inspirational, almost magical to me.  In the winter, during the 'blue hour' - when lingering twilight casts everything into values of blue -  it is like experiencing a monochromatic film in which you are immersed.  In my art I try to capture the essence of my experiences.  I paint what I remember  - the whole experience.  It is not about how something looks, rather how it feels!"

"My paintings tell stories about Norway, about who I am, about my experiences.  To me nature evokes an emotional response, a sentimental feeling.  I vividly remember my first experience witnessing a simple cherry blossom.  It was a fireworks display, petals exploding into the air and sky.    

I believe my series of blossoms conveys the magic."

The following pages present a sampling of paintings, ceramics and jewelry she recently completed in her California and Norway studio.